fake ugg ultimate short Happy New Year’s Day stanza

Happy New Year’s Day stanza
tomorrow is a New Year’s Day stanza, the school held a celebration activity today.First, teacher Huang at greatly and repeatedly act up put a video frequency of New Year’s Day stanza to return to deliver orange and sugar for us.The video frequency finishes seeing, teacher Huang lets the classmates to platform go up to perform a program.It is a Shi Yu Qian and Shao to is the first as well pure, beam Qin the Xin fake ugg ultimate short and D D perform of dance, they jump really great!The second childhood song that is Zhang Jun Yi and Ma Ze Lan’s fake ugg ultimate short performance also sings very beautifully!It is a Wang An Di and gold Yu to is the third Hao and the gold Yu Hao part-time job that Zhao Rui Jie perform record and made to smile too much, immediately, whole class one joys Teng.The fourth it’s our set’s turn to perform, the topic calls 《the candy house goes through dangers to record 》 , have the me, Wang Yun Hua and Gong the Yi to fly among them, list the Qi son and Shao Be as well pure to work properly with prince.I am the lumbering work of impersonation, we fake ugg ultimate short play very hard, we for performing a good program, last week 5 afternoons the lesson is rehearsing all of a sudden.After program finishes performing, the classmates gave us drum Zhang.Certainly behind there is still the classmate that allowing is much more performing very fascinatingly, they are also very good!Today’s New Year’s Day stanza really lets me an unforgettable festival.

fake ugg roxy tall A celebrity whom I like most

A celebrity whom I like most
the celebrity is divided into a lot of kinds, for example:Singer, national athlete and writer, dancer and fake ugg roxy tall scientist’s counting is innumerable.The celebrity not necessarily has to be badly now famous, want ~only he after everyone’s approbation, he has outstanding special features, he can conquer the public, and he is a celebrity who has conduct and actions.
my in the mind has been living fake ugg roxy tall a lasting celebrity.
she is Zhang Shao Han.
remember my childhood, like very much to sing to the ktv with mother, aunt.Although always sing a little bit to walk off, no one once trains, I can be meant with the childish singing my passion in singing.Make me by myself a very strange matter is also:I go to ktv and sing each time, don’t order can not of 《invisible wing 》 that is Zhang Shao Han.This song seems to have very big magic, be like inhale me to go, the flounder doesn’t come out.But I don’t want to succeed in escaping this wonderful song melody as well.I remember, as long as hearing this song, hear the voice of that moving sounds of nature of Zhang Shao Han, each inch skin on my body completely relaxed.This kind of natural singing is how also the mimicry don’t come out.The voice is so pure, there are no impurities,
she leads my not only and wonderful singing.She is naturally the Pi son of a beauty, consumedly of eyes, rush toward to rush toward, imitating the Buddha can see through your mind.Be praised as Asia 100 change diva, aim high diva, Taiwanese one of music four greatest religious leaders.Her singing is sonorous but Fei vocal music altar.Was 《invisible wing 》 a first time with Gao Kao’s composition title that the song assigns name to, even was once reworked by fake ugg roxy tall the northern big president.
Zhang Shao Han not only the circle of singers of Chi Mao, in the show business turn also have some kind of Be.《The Kingdom of Heaven marries dress 》 , 《princess’ kid sister 》 and 《bring back joy a house 》 can see her figure, superb acting skill, highly praised.
even praise Andy Lious:The new diva is optimistic about Zhang Shao Han most !No matter is features, singing, whole fellings are all very good.
Yan running script:Is an as long as open mouth sing and then can conquer the person’s girl, one wants ~only ascend satge magic power endless, give out light to have fever of entertainer!
now, Zhang Shao Han’s new album 《having material form of wing 》 , than 《invisible wing 》 and the rise 1 kind persist, many a kind of impulse that pursues a dream.
I forever all unforgettable Zhang Shao Han, could not forgot her to once use a song loading since my dream, 《invisible wing 》 is aim high, Zhang Shao Han is eternal.

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Magic power Shanghai
Shanghai, this high profile world metropolis, have too many make people the dream soul linger around and linger on, forgetting to return of studio scene.People to her impression but is a lane hall of leisurely and carefree but is a park of pleasing, but is modern international vitality of city, it may be said the sea Na is 100 forgiving of Chuanses.How many persons truely understand thousand sides of Shanghai, have how many tourist spots can represent Shanghai of magic power?
the stone database building in the door is 1 of Shanghai and modern Shanghai to twist to take.Belong to new world stone building in the database door as representative among them.Outward appearance, it is a group of stone buildings in the database door, the brick wall in those early years, the tile in those early years, reserve history romantic feeling and cultural bottom Yun of old Shanghai;Inside, it is a country for indulging in a life of dissipation, according to the life cheap uggs replica style of 21th century modern city person, life rhythm, emotion world, consume an experience degree the body order to do, neither don’t embody an atmosphere and style of leisurely and contented life.
yes, new cheap uggs replica world in Shanghai rewrited the history of stone database door and had already headed for the stone database door of history cultural object to infuse into new vitality to the origin.When take a cheap uggs replica stroll new world, imitate Buddha time to flow back and weigh to return to those early years.That green brick on foot way, that red and green alternate clear water brick wall, that decorous black paint front door and that vulture wears Baroque style book the Wo-like in shape mountain spends of lintel in the door, the one who make to visit imitates a Buddha to place oneself in 20th century two, Shanghai in 30’s.However, the one step acrosses into each building inner part, then is again very modern with vogue.A door at first’s separating a wall is all broken through and presented spacious space, like the central air condition of spring all the year round, European fireplace, sofa and east of eight, too the teacher chair is close together but place, bar, coffee house and tea and Chinese restaurant harmony matches, modern oil painting and sign type on the wall old phonograph silently voice cultural tasty that get off the heart host.Outside in the door is the stone database lane hall in the door of exceedingly fascinating and charming, inside in the door is complete modern life style, so, one step of Yao, feel like separate a life time, really have the feeling that cross the time and space!
I fall in love with sea!

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